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Artists list

We have all the painting image files that we list here. If you want to have any artists oil painting reproduction, please tell us the painting names and the required sizes, well send you the painting images for custom order.



Kaemmerer Frederick Hendrik\A Day at the Carnival
Kaemmerer Frederick Hendrik\An Afternoon Of Fishing
Kaemmerer Frederick Hendrik\At the Seashore
Kaemmerer Frederick Hendrik\By The Sea
Kaemmerer Frederick Hendrik\On The Lookout
Kaemmerer Frederick Hendrik\School Belles
Kaemmerer Frederick Hendrik\Sitting For Her Portrait
Kaemmerer Frederick Hendrik\Tea In The Garden Autumn
Kaemmerer Frederick Hendrik\The Argument
Kaemmerer Frederick Hendrik\The Fishwives
Kalf Willem\Still-Life 1
Kalf Willem\Still-Life 2
Kalf Willem\Still-Life with a Late Ming Ginger Jar
Kalf Willem\Still-Life with a Nautilus Cup
Kalf Willem\Still-Life with Drinking-Horn
Kalf Willem\Still-Life with Lemon Oranges and Glass of Wine
Kalf Willem\Still-Life with Silver Bowl Glasses and Fruit
Kaufmann Isodor\A Business Transaction
Kaufmann Isodor\A Jewish Bride
Kaufmann Isodor\Discussing The Talmud
Kaufmann Isodor\Portrait of a Young Chassidic Boy
Kaufmann Isodor\Young Rabbi with Blue Tallis
Kaufmann Isodor\Young Woman in the Synagogue
Keller Ferdinand\A Classical Landscape
Keller Ferdinand\Flora
Keller Ferdinand\Give Me Your Paw!
Kelly Gerald\Burmese Pearl
Kelly Gerald\Burmese Silk
Kelly Gerald\Ma Seyn Me
Kennedy Cecil\Autumn
Kennedy Cecil\Spring
Kennedy Cecil\Summer
Kennedy Cecil\Winter
Kensett John Frederick\Eagle Rock Manchester Massachusetts
Kensett John Frederick\Hunters on a Riverbank
Kensett John Frederick\Lake George
Kensett John Frederick\Late Summer
Kensett John Frederick\Narragansett Coast
Kensett John Frederick\New England Sunrise
Kensett John Frederick\Trout Fisherman
Kessel Jan van\Holy Family
Kessel Jan van\Still Life with Fruit and Shellfish
Kessel Jan van\Still-life with Vegetables
Kessel Jan van\Still-Life
Kessel Jan van\The Animals
Kessel Jan van\The Mockery of the Owl
Keyser Thomas de\Apostle St John
Keyser Thomas de\Constantijn Huygens and his Clerk
Keyser Thomas de\Equestrian Portrait of Pieter Schout
Keyser Thomas de\Portrait of a Man
Keyser Thomas de\The Militia Company of Captain Allaert Cloeck
Keyser Thomas de\Virgin Mary
Khnopff Fernand\A Portrait of a Standing Girl in White
Khnopff Fernand\Henri de Woelmont
Khnopff Fernand\Marie Monnom
Khnopff Fernand\Memories
Khnopff Fernand\Silence
Khnopff Fernand\The Caress
King Yeend\Faggot Gatherers on a Path
King Yeend\Friendly Neighbors
King Yeend\The Rush Gatherers
King Yeend\Two Ladies Punting on the River
Knaus Ludwig\A Portrait Of A Tyrolean Girl
Knaus Ludwig\Ein Forsterheim
Knaus Ludwig\Gypsies in the Forest
Knaus Ludwig\In the Shtetl
Knaus Ludwig\Peace
Knaus Ludwig\The Birthday Party
Knaus Ludwig\The Glutton
Knaus Ludwig\The Village Prince
Kneller Godfrey\Dorothy Mason Lady Brownlove
Kneller Godfrey\Edward and Lady Mary Howard
Kneller Godfrey\Grinling Gibbons
Kneller Godfrey\Isaac Newton
Kneller Godfrey\John Locke
Kneller Godfrey\John 1st Duke of Marlborough
Kneller Godfrey\Matthew Prior
Kneller Godfrey\The Converted Chinese
Knight Daniel Ridgway\A Moment Of Rest
Knight Daniel Ridgway\A Pheasant in Hand
Knight Daniel Ridgway\A Woman with a Watering Can by the River
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Beneath The Apple Tree
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Country Women Fishing on a Summer Afternoon
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Cutting Roses
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Etretat Sur Mer
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Fishing
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Gathering Apple Blossoms
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Gathering Leaves
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Gossips
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Hailing the Ferry
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Maid Among the Flowers
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Maria And Madeleine Fishing
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Maria and Madeleine on the Terrace
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Maria on the Terrace with a Bundle of Grass
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Normandy Maid
Knight Daniel Ridgway\On the Way to Market
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Picking Flowers
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Resting In The Garden
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Shepherdess and her Flock
Knight Daniel Ridgway\The Flower Girl
Knight Daniel Ridgway\The Grass Cutter
Knight Daniel Ridgway\The Harvesters Resting
Knight Daniel Ridgway\The Two Friends
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Wash Day
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Woman in a Garden
Knight Daniel Ridgway\Woman in Landscape
Knight Louis Aston\A Beaumont-le-Roger
Knight Louis Aston\A Bend in the River
Knight Louis Aston\A Flower Garden
Knight Louis Aston\A Flowering Vine along a Winding Stream with a Country Churc
Knight Louis Aston\A Sunny Morning at Beaumont-Le Roger
Knight Louis Aston\Along the Seine
Knight Louis Aston\Cottage by the River
Knight Louis Aston\Country Women after Fishing on a Summer's Day
Knight Louis Aston\Flower by the Edge of the River
Knight Louis Aston\Flowers in Bloom by a River
Knight Louis Aston\Houses by the River
Knight Louis Aston\Old Mill in Normandy
Knight Louis Aston\Pont del Angelo Venice
Knight Louis Aston\Spring Blossoms along a Meandering River
Knight Louis Aston\Spring Blossoms
Knight Louis Aston\Summer Afternoon Normandy
Knight Louis Aston\Sunny Afternoon on the Canal
Knight Louis Aston\Two Girls by a Stream
Koekkoek Barend Cornelis\A Cart on a Country Road in Summertime
Koekkoek Barend Cornelis\Countryfolk Cattle and Goats on a Mountain Path
Koekkoek Barend Cornelis\Figures in a Winter Landscape
Koekkoek Barend Cornelis\Peasants on a Path by a River
Koekkoek Barend Cornelis\Resting on the Way to Pasture
Koekkoek Barend Cornelis\The Approaching Storm
Koekkoek Barend Cornelis\The Ferry Crossing
Koekkoek Barend Cornelis\The Ruined Castle
Koekkoek Barend Cornelis\Travellers on a Path in an extensive Rhineland Landscape
Koekkoek Hermanus\A Fresh Breeze off the Dutch Coast
Koekkoek Hermanus\A Sea Piece
Koekkoek Hermanus\A Shipwreck In Stormy Seas
Koekkoek Hermanus\A Sunlit Dock
Koekkoek Hermanus\Dutch Fishing Vessel caught on a Lee Shore
Koekkoek Hermanus\Fishing Boats Off The Coast At Dusk
Koekkoek Hermanus\Mending the Nets by the Shore
Koekkoek Hermanus\Returning To The Sound
Koekkoek Hermanus\Sailing The Stormy Seas
Koekkoek Hermanus\Shipping in a Calm on the Zuyder Zee
Koekkoek Hermanus\Shipping in a Calm Amsterdam
Koekkoek Hermanus\Shipping in a Calm
Koekkoek Hermanus\Shipping in a stiff breeze
Koekkoek Hermanus\Shipping off the Dutch Coast 1
Koekkoek Hermanus\Shipping off the Dutch Coast 2
Koekkoek Hermanus\The Scheldt River at Flessinghe
Koekkoek Hermanus\The Shipwreck
Koekkoek Hermanus\Three Mast Ships at Anchor
Koekkoek Hermanus\Vessels at Anchor in an Estuary
Koekkoek Willem\A Dutch Village In Winter
Koekkoek Willem\A Street Scene in Haarlem
Koekkoek Willem\A Street Scene in Leiden
Koekkoek Willem\Along The Canal
Koekkoek Willem\Figures by a Canal in a Dutch Town
Koekkoek Willem\Figures in a Dutch Town Square
Koekkoek Willem\Figures in a Dutch Town
Koekkoek Willem\Rotterdam
Koester Alexander\Ducks in a Forest Pond
Koester Alexander\Ducks in the Morning
Koester Alexander\Ducks in the Pond
Koester Alexander\Ducks in the Reeds under the Boughs
Koester Alexander\Ducks On A Lake
Koester Alexander\Ducks on a Riverbank on a Sunny Afternoon
Koester Alexander\Eleven Ducks
Koester Alexander\Enten in Wasser Unter Birken
Koester Alexander\Gansefutterung
Koester Alexander\Midday Swim
Koester Alexander\Six Ducks in the Pond
Koninck Philips\An Extensive Landscape with a Hawking Party
Koninck Philips\An Extensive Landscape with a Road by a Ruin
Koninck Philips\Dutch Landscape Viewed from the Dunes
Koninck Philips\Joost van den Vondel
Koninck Philips\Panorama View of Dunes and a River
Koninck Philips\Village on a Hill
Konrad von Soest\Nativity
Konrad von Soest\The Crucifixion
Konrad von Soest\The Death of Mary
Kraemer Peter\A Musician and Drinkers
Kraemer Peter\Hunters and a Mountaineer
Kraemer Peter\Tyrolean Musicians 1
Kraemer Peter\Tyrolean Musicians 2
Kraemer Peter\Woodcutters Mountaineers and Hunters
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Books Got Her
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Christ in the Wilderness
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Girl with a Tress
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Girl with Washed Linen on the Yoke
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Head of an Old Peasant
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Head of an Old Ukranian Peasant
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Insulted Jewish Boy
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Meditator
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Mermaids
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Mocking Christ
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Nikolay Nekrasov in the Period of Last Songs
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of a Peasant
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of a Woman (Detail)
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of a Woman
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of a Young Woman Dressed in Black Velvet
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of an Old Peasant
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of Anatoly Kramskoy the Artist's Son
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of E. Vasilchikova
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of Mina Moiseyev
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of Sonya Kramskaya the Artist's Daughter
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of Sophia Kramskaya the Artist's Daughter
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of Sophia Kramskaya the Artist's Wife
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of the Actor Vasily Samoilov
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of the Agronomist Vyunnikov
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of the Artist Feodor Vasilyev
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of the Artist Grigory Myasoyedov
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of the Artist Ilya Repin
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of the Artist Ivan Shishkin 1
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of the Artist Ivan Shishkin 2
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of the Artist Konstantin Savitsky
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of the Artist's Wife and Daughter
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of the Empress Maria Feodorovna
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Portrait of the Writer Leo Tolstoy
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Russian Girl in a Blue Shawl
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Self-Portrait 1
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Self-Portrait 2
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Sergey Kramskoy
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Sophia Kramskaya Reading
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Viewing an Old House
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Village Elder
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich\Woodsman
Kruseman Frederik Marianus\An Extensive River Landscape With A Castle On A Hill Beyond
Kruseman Frederik Marianus\Figures in a Winter Landscape
Kruseman Frederik Marianus\Ice Skating
Kruseman Frederik Marianus\Skating in the Midst of Winter
Kruseman Frederik Marianus\The Watering Place
Kruseman Frederik Marianus\Winter Landscape with Skaters on a Frozen River beside Castl
Kruseman Frederik Marianus\Wolves in a Winter Landscape
Kuhnert Wilhelm\A Common Waterbuck
Kuhnert Wilhelm\A Preying Lion
Kuhnert Wilhelm\An African Buffalo
Kuhnert Wilhelm\In The Twilight Elephants
Kuhnert Wilhelm\Moose with her Calf in a Landscape
Kuhnert Wilhelm\Tigers at a Drinking Pool
Kupecky Jan\Portrait of the Court Musician Josef Lemberger
Kupecky Jan\Portrait of dm Mnyoki
Kupecky Jan\Self-Portrait
Kupecky Jan\Young Man with a Violin
Kuwasseg Charles Euphrasie\An Alpine Village
Kuwasseg Charles Euphrasie\Au Bord De La Riviere
Kuwasseg Charles Euphrasie\Promenade En Bateau