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Artists list

We have all the painting image files that we list here. If you want to have any artists oil painting reproduction, please tell us the painting names and the required sizes, well send you the painting images for custom order.



Sacchi Andrea\Hagar and Ismail in the Desert
Sacchi Andrea\Marcantonio Pasquilini Crowned by Apollo
Sacchi Andrea\Portrait of Monsignor Clemente Merlini
Sacchi Andrea\St Francis Marrying Poverty
Sacchi Andrea\The Three Magdalenes
Sacchi Andrea\The Vision of St Romuald
Sadler Walter-Dendy\London to York - Time's Up Gentlemen
Sadler Walter-Dendy\Plaintiff and Defendant
Sadler Walter-Dendy\The Monk's Repast
Saenredam Pieter Jansz\Interior of the Church of St Bavo at Haarlem 1
Saenredam Pieter Jansz\Interior of the Church of St Bavo at Haarlem 2
Saenredam Pieter Jansz\Interior of the Church of St Bavo at Haarlem 3
Saenredam Pieter Jansz\Interior of the Church of St Odulphus in Assendelft
Saenredam Pieter Jansz\Interior of the Nieuwe Kerk in Haarlem
Saenredam Pieter Jansz\Interior of the St Jacob Church in Utrecht
Saenredam Pieter Jansz\Interior of the St. Jans Kerk at Utrecht
Saenredam Pieter Jansz\St Mary's Square and St Mary's Church at Utrecht
Saenredam Pieter Jansz\The Buurkerk at Utrecht
Saenredam Pieter Jansz\The Interior of the Buurkerk at Utrecht
Saenredam Pieter Jansz\The Old Town Hall in Amsterdam
Sala Paolo\Boating on Lago Maggiore
Sala Paolo\Fiori e Murano
Sala Paolo\The Pretty Maid
Sala Paolo\Westminister Abbey with the Houses of Parliament
Salinas Pablo Juan\An Evening with the Cardinal
Salinas Pablo Juan\Fiesta Time
Salinas Pablo Juan\In the Artist's Atelier
Salinas Pablo Juan\The Celebration
Salinas Pablo Juan\The Spanish Dancer
Salmon Robert\A Frigate of the Baltic Fleet off Greenock
Salmon Robert\A Mail Packet with Other Shipping off Liverpool
Salmon Robert\Dansboro Castle Horthumberland
Salmon Robert\Picture of the 'Dream' Poleasure Yacht
Salmon Robert\Ship off Liverpool
Salmon Robert\Ships in a Port
Salmon Robert\View of Greenock Scotland
Salmon Robert\View of Palermo
Salmon Robert\View of Venice
Salviati\Bathsheba Goes to King David
Salviati\The Visitation
Sanchez Coello Alonso\Infantas Isabel Clara Eugenia and Catalina Micaela
Sanchez Coello Alonso\Portrait of Philip II
Sanchez Coello Alonso\Prince Don Carlos of Austria
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\A Campfire By The River's Edge
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\Boating At The Edge Of The Town
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\Calm Waters at Chaponval
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\Feu de camp au bord d'une riviere
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\Fisherman And Washerwomen By The River
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\L'Oise sur Auvers
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\Landscape with Boat and Men
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\On The River Bank
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\On The River's Edge At Dusk
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\Rio Alcala
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\The Boating Party
Sanchez-Perrier Emilio\The Ferry
Sandys Frederick\Autumn
Sandys Frederick\Gentle Spring
Sandys Frederick\Love's Shadow
Sandys Frederick\Mary Magdalene
Sandys Frederick\Mary Sandys
Sandys Frederick\Medea
Sandys Frederick\Morgan le Fay
Sandys Frederick\Portrait Of Anita Smith
Sandys Frederick\Portrait Of Cyril Flower Lord Battersea
Sandys Frederick\Portrait Of Josiah Caldwell
Sandys Frederick\Portrait Of Julia Smith Caldwell
Sandys Frederick\Portrait of May Gillilan
Sandys Frederick\Queen Eleanor
Sandys Frederick\The Red Cap
Saraceni Carlo\Madonna and Child with St Anne
Saraceni Carlo\Saint Cecilia and the Angel (detail)
Saraceni Carlo\Saint Cecilia and the Angel
Saraceni Carlo\St Gregory the Great
Saraceni Carlo\The Birth of Christ
Sargent John Singer\A Backwater Calcot Mill near Reading
Sargent John Singer\A Bedouin Arab
Sargent John Singer\A Capriote
Sargent John Singer\A Dinner Table at Night
Sargent John Singer\A Gust of Wind
Sargent John Singer\A Hotel Room
Sargent John Singer\A Marble Fountain at Aranjuez Spain
Sargent John Singer\A Morning Walk
Sargent John Singer\A Mosque Cairo
Sargent John Singer\A Parisian Beggar Girl
Sargent John Singer\Alhambra Patio de la Reja
Sargent John Singer\Alice Runnels James
Sargent John Singer\Almina Daughter of Asher Wertheimer
Sargent John Singer\An Artist in His Studio
Sargent John Singer\Arab Street Scene
Sargent John Singer\Asher Wertheimer
Sargent John Singer\Atlantic Storm
Sargent John Singer\Autumn on the River (Miss Violet Sargent)
Sargent John Singer\Bedouin Encampment
Sargent John Singer\Bedouin Women Carrying Water Jars
Sargent John Singer\Bedouins
Sargent John Singer\Bivouac
Sargent John Singer\Boating Party
Sargent John Singer\Boy on a Rock
Sargent John Singer\Cafe on the Riva degli Schiavoni
Sargent John Singer\Camping at Lake O'Hara
Sargent John Singer\Capri
Sargent John Singer\Carmela
Sargent John Singer\Carnation LilyLily Rose
Sargent John Singer\Carolus Duran
Sargent John Singer\Carrara - Workmen
Sargent John Singer\Cashmere
Sargent John Singer\Catherine Viasto
Sargent John Singer\Charles Stewart Sixth Marquess of Londonderry
Sargent John Singer\Church of St. Stae Venice
Sargent John Singer\Claude Monet Painting by the Edge of the Woods
Sargent John Singer\Coming Down from Mont Blanc
Sargent John Singer\Crashed Aeroplane
Sargent John Singer\Dr. Pozzi at Home
Sargent John Singer\Edouard Pailleron
Sargent John Singer\Egyptians Raising Water from the Nile
Sargent John Singer\El Jaleo
Sargent John Singer\Emily Sargent
Sargent John Singer\Ena and Betty Daughters of Asher and Mrs. Wertheimer
Sargent John Singer\Eugene Juillerat
Sargent John Singer\Falconieri Gardens Frascati
Sargent John Singer\Festa della Regata
Sargent John Singer\Florence - Fountain Boboli Gardens
Sargent John Singer\Frances Sherborne Ridley Watts
Sargent John Singer\Frank O'Meara
Sargent John Singer\Fredrick Law Olmstead
Sargent John Singer\Fumee d'Ambre Gris
Sargent John Singer\Garden in Corfu 1
Sargent John Singer\Garden in Corfu 2
Sargent John Singer\Garden Study of the Vickers Children
Sargent John Singer\Girl Fishing
Sargent John Singer\Gondolier's Siesta
Sargent John Singer\Gourds
Sargent John Singer\Graveyard in the Tyrol
Sargent John Singer\Group with Parasols
Sargent John Singer\Gypsy Encampment
Sargent John Singer\Head of a Capri Girl
Sargent John Singer\Head of an Italian Girl
Sargent John Singer\Head of an Italian Woman
Sargent John Singer\Head of Ana - Capri Girl
Sargent John Singer\Home Fields
Sargent John Singer\In a Levantine Port
Sargent John Singer\In the Luxembourg Garden
Sargent John Singer\In the Orchard
Sargent John Singer\Interior in Venice
Sargent John Singer\Isabella Stewart Gardner
Sargent John Singer\Italian Girl with Fan
Sargent John Singer\John D. Rockefeller
Sargent John Singer\Judith Gautier
Sargent John Singer\Lady Agnew of Lohnaw
Sargent John Singer\Lady Sasson
Sargent John Singer\Landscape Study at San Vigilio Lake of Garda
Sargent John Singer\Leaving Church Campo San Canciano Venice
Sargent John Singer\Lord Ribblesdale
Sargent John Singer\Madame Edouard Pailleron (Study)
Sargent John Singer\Madame Edouard Pailleron
Sargent John Singer\Madame Fran?ois Buloz
Sargent John Singer\Madame Gautreau Drinking a Toast
Sargent John Singer\Madame X (Madame Gautreau)
Sargent John Singer\Mary Turner Austin
Sargent John Singer\Millet's Garden
Sargent John Singer\Millicent Duchess of Sutherland
Sargent John Singer\Miss Elsie Parker
Sargent John Singer\Miss Helen Dunham
Sargent John Singer\Miss Wedgewood and Miss Sargent Sketching
Sargent John Singer\Moorish Buildings on a Cloudy Day
Sargent John Singer\Mosquito Nets
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Adrian Iselin
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Carl Meyer and Her Children
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Cazalet and Children Edward and Victor
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Charles Deering
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Charles E. Inches
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Charles F. St. Clair Anstruther-Thompson
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Charles Thursby
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Edward L. Davis and Her Son Livingston Davis
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Fiske Warren and Her Daughter Rachel
Sargent John Singer\Mrs George Gribble
Sargent John Singer\Mrs George Swinton
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Harry Vane Vilbank
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Henry White
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Kate More
Sargent John Singer\Mrs Winton Phipps
Sargent John Singer\Muddy Alligators
Sargent John Singer\Olive Trees Corfu
Sargent John Singer\On the Grand Canal
Sargent John Singer\On the Veranda (Ironbound Island Maine)
Sargent John Singer\One His Holidays
Sargent John Singer\Oxen Resting
Sargent John Singer\Oyster Gatherers of Cancale
Sargent John Singer\Palazzo Labia and San Geremia Venice
Sargent John Singer\Palmettos
Sargent John Singer\Paul Helleu Sketching with His Wife
Sargent John Singer\Perseus by Night
Sargent John Singer\Perseus Florence
Sargent John Singer\Poppies
Sargent John Singer\Portrait of Edouard and Marie-Louise Pailleron
Sargent John Singer\Portrait of Gordon Fairchild
Sargent John Singer\Portrait of Louis Alexander Fagan
Sargent John Singer\President Theodore Roosevelt
Sargent John Singer\Reading
Sargent John Singer\Reflection
Sargent John Singer\Rehearsal of the Pas de Loup Orchestra at the Cirque d'Hiver
Sargent John Singer\Repose
Sargent John Singer\Robert Louis Stevenson
Sargent John Singer\Roses
Sargent John Singer\Rosina
Sargent John Singer\Santa Maria della Salute
Sargent John Singer\Scuola di San Rocco
Sargent John Singer\Self Portrait 1
Sargent John Singer\Self Portrait 2
Sargent John Singer\Siesta
Sargent John Singer\Simplon Pass - The Lesson
Sargent John Singer\Simplon Pass - The Pease
Sargent John Singer\Sir Frank Swettenham
Sargent John Singer\Sir George Sitwell Lady Sitwell and Family
Sargent John Singer\Spanish Dancer
Sargent John Singer\Spirito Santo Venice Zattere
Sargent John Singer\St. Martin's Summer
Sargent John Singer\Staircase in Capri
Sargent John Singer\Street in Algiers
Sargent John Singer\Street in Arras
Sargent John Singer\Street in Venice
Sargent John Singer\Study of a Young Man
Sargent John Singer\Teresa Gosse
Sargent John Singer\The Artist Sketching
Sargent John Singer\The Birthday Party
Sargent John Singer\The Breakfast Table
Sargent John Singer\The Brook
Sargent John Singer\The Chess Game
Sargent John Singer\The Countess of Essex
Sargent John Singer\The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit
Sargent John Singer\The Dead Sea
Sargent John Singer\The Entrance to the Grand Canal Venice
Sargent John Singer\The Fountain Villa Torlonia Frascati Italy
Sargent John Singer\The Garden Wall
Sargent John Singer\The Green Dress
Sargent John Singer\The Hermit
Sargent John Singer\The Little Fruit Seller
Sargent John Singer\The Misses Vickers
Sargent John Singer\The Old Chair
Sargent John Singer\The Oyster Gatherers of Cancale
Sargent John Singer\The Rialto 1
Sargent John Singer\The Rialto 2
Sargent John Singer\The Simplon - Large Rocks
Sargent John Singer\The Simplon 1
Sargent John Singer\The Simplon 2
Sargent John Singer\The Sketchers
Sargent John Singer\The Sulphur Match
Sargent John Singer\The Tramp
Sargent John Singer\The Tyrol
Sargent John Singer\The Wrecked Sugar Refinery
Sargent John Singer\The Wyndham Sisters
Sargent John Singer\Thou Shalt Not Steal
Sargent John Singer\Two Girls in White Dresses
Sargent John Singer\Two Girls with Parasols at Fladbury
Sargent John Singer\Two Women Asleep in a Punt under the Willows
Sargent John Singer\Under the Rialto Bridge
Sargent John Singer\Unloading Boats Venice
Sargent John Singer\Valdemosa Majorca - Thistles and Herbage on a Hillside
Sargent John Singer\Venetian Interior 1
Sargent John Singer\Venetian Interior 2
Sargent John Singer\Venetian Onion Seller
Sargent John Singer\Venetian Street
Sargent John Singer\Venetian Wineshop
Sargent John Singer\Venice in Gray Weather
Sargent John Singer\Vernon Lee
Sargent John Singer\View from a Window Genoa
Sargent John Singer\Villa di Marlia - A Fountain
Sargent John Singer\Villa di Marlia Lucca
Sargent John Singer\Villa Torlonia Frascati
Sargent John Singer\Villa Torre Galli - The Loggia
Sargent John Singer\Violet Fishing
Sargent John Singer\Violet Sargent
Sargent John Singer\Violet
Sargent John Singer\W. Graham Robertson
Sargent John Singer\Washerwomen
Sargent John Singer\Waterfall
Sargent John Singer\Wineglass
Sargent John Singer\Winifred Duchess of Portland
Sassetta\Death of the Heretic on the Bonfire
Sassetta\Miracle of the Eucharisty
Sassetta\St Anthony the Hermit Tortured by the Devils
Sassetta\St Jerome
Sassetta\St Thomas Before the Cross
Sassetta\St Thomas Inspired by the Dove of the Holy Ghost (detail) 1
Sassetta\St Thomas Inspired by the Dove of the Holy Ghost (detail) 2
Sassetta\St Thomas Inspired by the Dove of the Holy Ghost
Sassetta\The Ecstasy of St Francis
Sassetta\The Journey of the Magi
Sassetta\The Last Supper
Sassetta\The Meeting of St. Anthony and St. Paul
Sassetta\The Stigmatisation of St Francis
Sassetta\Virgin and Child Adored by Six Angels
Sassoferrato\Madonna and Child
Sassoferrato\Madonna in Prayer
Sassoferrato\Portrait of Monsignor Ottaviano Prati
Sassoferrato\The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine
Sassoferrato\The Virgin in Prayer
Savery Roelandt\Crab Fishermen
Savery Roelandt\Horses and Oxen Attacked by Wolves
Savery Roelandt\Landscape with Animals
Savery Roelandt\Landscape with Birds 1 (detail)
Savery Roelandt\Landscape with Birds 1
Savery Roelandt\Landscape with Birds 2
Savery Roelandt\Landscape with Wild Animals
Savery Roelandt\Landscapes with Wild Beasts
Savery Roelandt\Rocky Landscape 1
Savery Roelandt\Rocky Landscape 2
Savery Roelandt\The Garden of Eden
Savery Roelandt\The Paradise 1 (detail) 1
Savery Roelandt\The Paradise 1 (detail) 2
Savery Roelandt\The Paradise 1
Savery Roelandt\The Paradise 2
Savoldo Giovanni Girolamo\Adoration of the Shepherds
Savoldo Giovanni Girolamo\Bust of a Youth
Savoldo Giovanni Girolamo\St Anthony Abbot and St Paul
Savoldo Giovanni Girolamo\Tobias and the Angel
Schaufelein Hans Leonhard\Portrait of a Man
Schaufelein Hans Leonhard\The Agony in the Garden
Schaufelein Hans Leonhard\The Birth of Christ
Schaufelein Hans Leonhard\The Circumcision of Christ
Schedoni Bartolomeo\The Charity
Schedoni Bartolomeo\The Deposition
Schedoni Bartolomeo\The Two Marys at the Tomb
Scheffer Ary\Faust and Marguerite in the Garden
Scheffer Ary\Francesca da Rimini
Scheffer Ary\Margaret at the Fountain
Scheffer Ary\Portrait of Mrs. Frederick Kent
Scheffer Ary\Saint Monique and Saint Augustine
Scheffer Ary\The Souliot Women
Schelfhout Andreas\Figures in a winter landscape
Schelfhout Andreas\Moored on the Beach
Schelfhout Andreas\Skaters On A Frozen River
Schelfhout Andreas\The Country Road
Schendel Petrus van\A Market Scene By Candlelight
Schendel Petrus van\A Market Stall by Moonlight
Schendel Petrus van\The Candlelit Market
Schendel Petrus van\The Evening Market
Schendel Petrus van\The Letter
Schendel Petrus van\The Night Fair
Schendel Petrus van\The Night Market
Schiele Egon\Autumn Trees
Schiele Egon\Bare Tree behind a Fence
Schiele Egon\Boating
Schiele Egon\Boy in a Sailor Suit
Schiele Egon\Cardinal and Nun
Schiele Egon\Ceramics
Schiele Egon\Chestnut Tree at Lake Constance
Schiele Egon\Child in Black
Schiele Egon\Church in Stein on the Danube
Schiele Egon\Crouching Figure
Schiele Egon\Dead Mother
Schiele Egon\Double Portrait
Schiele Egon\Double Self Portrait
Schiele Egon\Edith Schiele Seated
Schiele Egon\Embrace
Schiele Egon\Female Model in Bright Red Jacket and Pants
Schiele Egon\Female Nude - Back View
Schiele Egon\Female Nude Lying on Her Stomach
Schiele Egon\Field Landscape
Schiele Egon\Field of Flowers
Schiele Egon\Fighter
Schiele Egon\Forest with Sunlit Clearing in the Background
Schiele Egon\Four Trees
Schiele Egon\Girl in a Blue Apron
Schiele Egon\Girl in Black Pinafore
Schiele Egon\Girl in Black
Schiele Egon\Girl with Hood
Schiele Egon\Harbor of Trieste
Schiele Egon\Hermits
Schiele Egon\House with a Bay Window in the Garden
Schiele Egon\House with Drying Laundry
Schiele Egon\Houses on the Moldau Krumau
Schiele Egon\Houses on the Town Square in Klosterneuberg
Schiele Egon\I Love Antitheses
Schiele Egon\Krumau Landscape 1
Schiele Egon\Krumau Landscape 2
Schiele Egon\Landscape in Lower Austria
Schiele Egon\Levitation
Schiele Egon\Little Girl with Blond Hair in a Red Dress
Schiele Egon\Lovers - Man and Woman
Schiele Egon\Male Nude
Schiele Egon\Man Bencind Down Deeply
Schiele Egon\Man with Blue Headband and Hand on Cheek
Schiele Egon\Meadow with Village in Background
Schiele Egon\Meadow Church and Houses
Schiele Egon\Moa
Schiele Egon\Mother and Child
Schiele Egon\Mother with Two Children
Schiele Egon\Mountain Torrent
Schiele Egon\Peasant Homestead in a Landscape
Schiele Egon\Peasants' Jug
Schiele Egon\Portrait of a Boy
Schiele Egon\Portrait of a Man with a Floppy Hat
Schiele Egon\Portrait of a Woman with Blue and Green Scarf
Schiele Egon\Portrait of a Woman
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Albert Paris von Gutersloh
Schiele Egon\Portrait of an Old Man (Johann Harms)
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Dr. Heirich Reiger
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Dr. Hugo Koller
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Dr. Viktor Ritter von Bauer 1
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Dr. Viktor Ritter von Bauer 2
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Edith Schiele in a Striped Dress
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Edith Schiele
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Eduard Kismack with Raised Left Hand
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Erich Lederer
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Feiderike Maria Beer
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Gerta Schiele
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Heinrich Benesch
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Johann Harms
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Karl Maylander
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Leopold Czihaczek (Head of a Bearded Man)
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Leopold Czihaczek in Profile Facing Left
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Leopold Czihaczek Standing
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Leopold Czihaczek
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Melanie (The Artist's Sister)
Schiele Egon\Portrait of the Actress Marge Boerner 1
Schiele Egon\Portrait of the Actress Marge Boerner 2
Schiele Egon\Portrait of the Art Critic Arthur Roessler
Schiele Egon\Portrait of the Artist's Wife Seated Holding Her Right Leg
Schiele Egon\Portrait of the Artist's Wife Seated
Schiele Egon\Portrait of the Artist's Wife
Schiele Egon\Portrait of the Composer Lowenstein
Schiele Egon\Portrait of the Painter Anton Peschka
Schiele Egon\Portrait of the Painter Karl Zakovsek
Schiele Egon\Portrait of the Painter Max Oppenheimer
Schiele Egon\Portrait of the Publisher Eduard Kismack
Schiele Egon\Portrait of Valerie Neuzil
Schiele Egon\Procession
Schiele Egon\Prophets
Schiele Egon\Reclining Boy Leaning on His Elbow
Schiele Egon\Reclining Female Nude
Schiele Egon\Reclining Semi-Nude with Red Hat (Gertrude Schiele)
Schiele Egon\Reclining Woman with Blond Hair 1
Schiele Egon\Reclining Woman with Blond Hair 2
Schiele Egon\Reclining Woman with Green Stockings (Adele Harms)
Schiele Egon\Russian Prisoner of War (Grigori Kladjishuli)
Schiele Egon\Sailing Ship with Dinghy
Schiele Egon\Sarena Lederer
Schiele Egon\Schiele's Room in Neulengbach
Schiele Egon\Seated Couple (Egon and Edith Schiele)
Schiele Egon\Seated Girl Facing Front
Schiele Egon\Seated Girl with Bare Torso and Light Blue Skirt
Schiele Egon\Seated Girl with Raised Left Leg
Schiele Egon\Seated Girl
Schiele Egon\Seated Male Nude Right Hand Outstretched
Schiele Egon\Seated Woman in Violet Stockings
Schiele Egon\Seated Woman with Bent Knee
Schiele Egon\Seated Woman with Green Stockings
Schiele Egon\Seated Woman with Her Left Hand in Her Hair
Schiele Egon\Seated Woman
Schiele Egon\Seated Young Girl
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait 1
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait 2
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait 3
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait 4
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait 5
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait in Checkered Shirt
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait in Jerkin with Right Elbow Raised
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait in Lavender and Dark Suit Standing
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait with Arm Twisting above Head
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait with Black Vase and Spread Fingers
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait with Brown Background
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait with Hand to Cheek
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait with Hands on Chest
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait with Outstretched Arms
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait with Raised Arms Back View
Schiele Egon\Self Portrait Facing Right
Schiele Egon\Ships at Trieste
Schiele Egon\Sleeping Child
Schiele Egon\Spitalskirche Molding
Schiele Egon\Standing Female Nude in a Blue Robe
Schiele Egon\Standing Figure with Halo
Schiele Egon\Standing Girl in a Blue Dress and Green Stockings Back View
Schiele Egon\Standing Girl in a Plaid Garment
Schiele Egon\Standing Male Nude with a Red Loincloth
Schiele Egon\Standing Male Nude
Schiele Egon\Standing Woman in a Green Skirt
Schiele Egon\Standing Woman in Profile
Schiele Egon\Standing Woman in Red
Schiele Egon\Stein on the Danube with Terraced Vineyards
Schiele Egon\Stein on the Danube
Schiele Egon\Street in Krumau
Schiele Egon\Summer Landscape Krumau
Schiele Egon\Sunflower 1
Schiele Egon\Sunflower 2
Schiele Egon\Sunflower 3
Schiele Egon\Sunflowers 1
Schiele Egon\Sunflowers 2
Schiele Egon\The Art Dealer Guido Arnot
Schiele Egon\The Artist's Mother Sleeping
Schiele Egon\The Artist's Sister-in-Law in a Striped Dress Seated
Schiele Egon\The Artist's Wife Seated
Schiele Egon\The Blind
Schiele Egon\The Bridge
Schiele Egon\The Brother
Schiele Egon\The Dancer Moa
Schiele Egon\The Family
Schiele Egon\The Green Stocking
Schiele Egon\The Holy Family
Schiele Egon\The Mill
Schiele Egon\The Old City
Schiele Egon\The Scornful Woman (Gertrude Schiele)
Schiele Egon\The Self-Seers
Schiele Egon\The Small City 1
Schiele Egon\The Small City 2
Schiele Egon\The Truth was Revealed
Schiele Egon\Three Girls
Schiele Egon\Trees Mirrored in a Pond
Schiele Egon\Trieste Fishing Boat
Schiele Egon\Triple Self Portrait
Schiele Egon\Two Boys
Schiele Egon\Two Friends
Schiele Egon\Two Girls Lying Entwined
Schiele Egon\Two Girls on a Fringed Blanket
Schiele Egon\Two Girls
Schiele Egon\Two Guttersnipes
Schiele Egon\Two Little Girls
Schiele Egon\Two Seated Girls
Schiele Egon\View into the Apartment of Leopold and Marie Czihaczek
Schiele Egon\Village by the River
Schiele Egon\Village with Mountains
Schiele Egon\Vorstadt
Schiele Egon\Wally in Red Blouse with Raised Knee
Schiele Egon\Water Sprites
Schiele Egon\Willy Lidi
Schiele Egon\Windows
Schiele Egon\Winter Trees
Schiele Egon\Woman in a Green Blouse and Muff
Schiele Egon\Woman in Black Stockings
Schiele Egon\Woman Undressing
Schiele Egon\Woman with Black Hat
Schiele Egon\Woman with Greyhound (Edith Schiele)
Schiele Egon\Woman with Long Hair
Schiele Egon\Woodland Prayer
Schiele Egon\Yellow City
Schiele Egon\Young Mother
Schlesinger Felix\Children Playing with a Guitar
Schlesinger Felix\The Mushroom Gatherers
Schlesinger Felix\The Pet Rabbit
Schlesinger Felix\Two Children Playing with Rabbits
Schlesinger Felix\Visiting Grandpa
Schongauer Martin\Madonna of the Rose Bush
Schongauer Martin\Nativity (detail)
Schongauer Martin\Nativity
Schongauer Martin\The Holy Family
Schooten Floris Gerritsz van\Breakfast
Schooten Floris Gerritsz van\Still-life with Glass Cheese Butter and Cake
Schooten Floris Gerritsz van\Still-Life
Schopin Henri\Allgorie L'Age D'Or
Schopin Henri\The Judgement Of Solomon
Schopin Henri\The Slave Market
Schreyer Adolf\Arab Cavalry Approaching an Oasis
Schreyer Adolf\Arab Chieftain and his Entourage
Schreyer Adolf\Arab Horseman In A Landscape
Schreyer Adolf\Arab Horsemen by a Watering Hole
Schreyer Adolf\Arab Warrior Leading A Charge
Schreyer Adolf\Arab Warriors On A Hillside
Schreyer Adolf\Arabian Horseman near a Watering Place
Schreyer Adolf\Arabian Horseman
Schreyer Adolf\Arabian Patrol
Schreyer Adolf\Arabs on Horseback
Schreyer Adolf\Arabs Watering Their Horses
Schreyer Adolf\At the Watering Place
Schreyer Adolf\Hitching Horses to the Wagon
Schreyer Adolf\On The March
Schreyer Adolf\The Ambush
Schreyer Adolf\The Watering Place
Schryver Louis de\Beauty amid Rose Petals
Schryver Louis de\Elysees
Schryver Louis de\Marchande De Fleurs Avenue De L'Opera
Schryver Louis de\The Flower Seller Avenue de L'Opera Paris
Scorel Jan van\Mary Magdalene
Scorel Jan van\Portrait of a Venetian Man
Scorel Jan van\Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
Scorel Jan van\The Baptism of Christ
Sebastiano del Piombo\Christ Carrying the Cross
Sebastiano del Piombo\Death of Adonis
Sebastiano del Piombo\Deposition (detail)
Sebastiano del Piombo\Deposition
Sebastiano del Piombo\Portrait of a Girl
Sebastiano del Piombo\Portrait of a Man
Sebastiano del Piombo\Portrait of Andrea Doria
Sebastiano del Piombo\Portrait of Antonio Cardinal Pallavicini
Sebastiano del Piombo\Portrait of Cardinal Reginald Pole
Sebastiano del Piombo\San Giovanni Crisostomo and Saints
Sebastiano del Piombo\The Raising of Lazarus
Seghers Hercules\A River Valley with a Group of Houses
Seghers Hercules\Mountainous Landscape
Seghers Hercules\View of Brussels from the North-East
Seignac Guillaume\Beauty At The Well
Seignac Guillaume\Confidence
Seignac Guillaume\Cupid's Folly
Seignac Guillaume\L'Abandon
Seignac Guillaume\L'Innocence
Seignac Guillaume\La Nymphe De Foret
Seignac Guillaume\La Paresseuse
Seignac Guillaume\Love's Advances
Seignac Guillaume\Nude on the Beach
Seignac Guillaume\Nymph at the Fountain
Seignac Guillaume\Nymph with Cupids
Seignac Guillaume\Psyche
Seignac Guillaume\The Awakening of Psyche
Seignac Guillaume\The Muse
Seignac Guillaume\The Wave
Seignac Guillaume\Virginity
Serusier Paul\A Breton Sunday
Serusier Paul\Bathers
Serusier Paul\Breton Women the Meeting in the Sacred Grove
Serusier Paul\Bretons on a Path
Serusier Paul\Embroiderer in a Landscape of Chateauneuf
Serusier Paul\Fisherman on the Laita
Serusier Paul\Landscape
Serusier Paul\Les Heures
Serusier Paul\Mother and Child on a Breton Landscape
Serusier Paul\Peasant with Three Crows
Serusier Paul\Scene
Serusier Paul\Still Life with Churn
Serusier Paul\The Aqueduct
Serusier Paul\The Blue Valley
Serusier Paul\The Candy Merchant
Serusier Paul\The Fern Harvesters in the Boid d'Amour at Pont Aven
Serusier Paul\The Flock in the Black Forest
Serusier Paul\The Ile de la Douane the Mouthe of the Trieux River
Serusier Paul\The Seat at Poldu - Sunset
Serusier Paul\The Stagecoach Road in the Country with a Cart
Serusier Paul\The Wash in a Large Meadow
Serusier Paul\The Youth of Queen Anne
Serusier Paul\Two Breton Women under a Flowering Apple Tree
Serusier Paul\Yellow Farm at Pouldu
Serusier Paul\Young Breton (The Little Knitter)
Seurat Georges\Alfalfa Fields Saint-Denis
Seurat Georges\Bathing at Asnieres (Final Study)
Seurat Georges\Bathing at Asnieres - Banks of a River
Seurat Georges\Bathing at Asnieres - Bathers in the Water
Seurat Georges\Bathing at Asnieres - Clothing on the Grass
Seurat Georges\Bathing at Asnieres - Horses in the Water
Seurat Georges\Bathing at Asnieres - Rainbow
Seurat Georges\Bathing at Asnieres - Seated Bather
Seurat Georges\Bathing at Asnieres - The Bank of the Seine
Seurat Georges\Bathing at Asnieres - The Black Horse
Seurat Georges\Bathing at Asnieres
Seurat Georges\Boats near the Beach at Asnieres
Seurat Georges\Boquet in a Vase
Seurat Georges\Chahut
Seurat Georges\Corner of a House
Seurat Georges\Courbevoie Landscape with Turret
Seurat Georges\Edge of Wood Springtime
Seurat Georges\Farm Women at Work
Seurat Georges\Fisherman
Seurat Georges\Fishermen
Seurat Georges\Forest Path Barbizon
Seurat Georges\Head of a Girl
Seurat Georges\Horse and Cart
Seurat Georges\Horse
Seurat Georges\House with Red Roof
Seurat Georges\In the Woods at Pontaubert
Seurat Georges\Invitation to the Sideshow
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte (Study) 1
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte (Study) 2
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte (Study) 3
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - An Afternoon
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Cadet from Saint-Cyr
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Landscape with Figures
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Sailboat
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Seated and Standing Woman
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Seated Man Reclining Woman
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Sketch with Many Figures
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - The Couple
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - The Rope-Colored Skirt
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Three Men Seated
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Une Perissoire
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - White Dog
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Woman Fishing and Seated Figures
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Woman Seated and Baby Carriage
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Woman Sewint
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Woman with a Monkey
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte - Women by the Water
Seurat Georges\La Grande Jatte
Seurat Georges\Landscape at Saint-Ouen
Seurat Georges\Landscape of the Ile de France
Seurat Georges\Large Figure in a Landscape
Seurat Georges\Le Crotoy Downstream
Seurat Georges\Le Crotoy Upstream
Seurat Georges\Man Leaning on a Parapet
Seurat Georges\Men Laying Stakes
Seurat Georges\Models
Seurat Georges\Peasants Driving Stakes
Seurat Georges\Pink Landscape
Seurat Georges\Port-en-Bessin - Sunday
Seurat Georges\Port-en-Bessin Entrance to the Outer Harbor
Seurat Georges\Port-en-Bessin The Outer Harbor High Tide
Seurat Georges\Port-en-Bessin The Outer Harbor Low Tide
Seurat Georges\Port-en-Bessin the Semaphore and Cliffs
Seurat Georges\Port-en-Bessin
Seurat Georges\River's Edge
Seurat Georges\Rue Saint-Vincent Montmartre in Spring
Seurat Georges\Seated Woman
Seurat Georges\Snow Effect - Winter in the Suburbs
Seurat Georges\Stone Breaker and Wheelbarrow Le Raincy
Seurat Georges\Suburb
Seurat Georges\The Artist's Mother
Seurat Georges\The Bineau Bridge
Seurat Georges\The Bridge - View of the Seine
Seurat Georges\The Channel at Gravelines Evening
Seurat Georges\The Channel at Gravelines Grand-Fort-Philippe
Seurat Georges\The Channel at Gravelines in the Direction of the Sea
Seurat Georges\The Channel at Gravelines Petit-Fort-Philippe
Seurat Georges\The Circus (Study)
Seurat Georges\The Circus
Seurat Georges\The Clearing (Landscape with a Stake)
Seurat Georges\The Eiffel Tower
Seurat Georges\The Gardener
Seurat Georges\The Hedge
Seurat Georges\The Mower
Seurat Georges\The Riverbanks
Seurat Georges\The Riverside
Seurat Georges\The Seine at La Grande Jatte in the Spring
Seurat Georges\The Stone Breaker 1
Seurat Georges\The Stone Breaker 2
Seurat Georges\The Stone Breaker 3
Seurat Georges\The Stone Breaker 4
Seurat Georges\The Stone Breakers
Seurat Georges\Village Road
Seurat Georges\White Houses Ville d'Avray
Seurat Georges\Young Peasant in Blue
Seurat Georges\Young Woman Powdering Herself (Study)
Seurat Georges\Young Woman Powdering Herself
Shannon James Jebusa\A Portrait Of Baroness Alfred De Meyer
Shannon James Jebusa\A Portrait Of Ruby Miller
Shannon James Jebusa\Bridget Daughter of Harold Nickols
Shannon James Jebusa\In The Springtime
Shannon James Jebusa\Iris
Shannon James Jebusa\Michealmas
Shannon James Jebusa\Portrait of a Ladies
Shannon James Jebusa\Portrait Of A Lady
Sharp Joseph Henry\Chief Duck Man
Sharp Joseph Henry\Hunting Song
Sharp Joseph Henry\Rabbit Hunt Taos Valley
Shaw John Byam\A Dirge
Shaw John Byam\Amor Mundi
Shaw John Byam\Maidens
Shaw John Byam\The Boer War
Shaw John Byam\The Caged Bird
Shaw John Byam\The Woman the Man and the Serpent
Shayer William\Afternoon Rest
Shayer William\Beach Scene with Fisherfolk
Shayer William\Harvest Time
Shayer William\Harvesters Resting
Shayer William\Near the New Forest
Shayer William\On The Hampshire Coast
Shayer William\On The South Coast
Shayer William\Resting Along The Trail
Shayer William\The Half Way House Thatcham
Shayer William\The Road To Market
Shayer William\The Start of the Day
Shayer William\Unloading The Catch Near Benchurch Isle Of Wight
Shayer William\View on the Isle of Wight
Siberechts Jan\Crossing a Creek
Siberechts Jan\Landscape with Rainbow Henley-on-Thames
Siberechts Jan\The Ford
Siberechts Jan\The Market Garden
Siberechts Jan\The Wager
Signorelli Luca\Apocalypse (detail) 1
Signorelli Luca\Apocalypse (detail) 2
Signorelli Luca\Apocalypse (detail) 3
Signorelli Luca\Dante Alighieri
Signorelli Luca\Dante and Virgil Entering Purgatory
Signorelli Luca\Doctors of the Church
Signorelli Luca\Empedocles
Signorelli Luca\Lamentation over the Dead Christ with Sts Parenzo and Fausti
Signorelli Luca\Lamentation over the Dead Christ
Signorelli Luca\Madonna and Child with Saints
Signorelli Luca\Madonna and Child with St Joseph and Another Saint
Signorelli Luca\Madonna and Child
Signorelli Luca\Mary Magdalene
Signorelli Luca\Moses's Testament and Death (detail) 1
Signorelli Luca\Moses's Testament and Death (detail) 2
Signorelli Luca\Moses's Testament and Death
Signorelli Luca\Resurrection of the Flesh (detail) 1
Signorelli Luca\Resurrection of the Flesh (detail) 2
Signorelli Luca\Resurrection of the Flesh (detail) 3
Signorelli Luca\Resurrection of the Flesh (detail) 4
Signorelli Luca\Resurrection of the Flesh (detail) 5
Signorelli Luca\Resurrection of the Flesh
Signorelli Luca\Self-portrait with Vitelozzo Vitelli
Signorelli Luca\Sermon and Deeds of the Antichrist (detail) 1
Signorelli Luca\Sermon and Deeds of the Antichrist (detail) 2
Signorelli Luca\Sermon and Deeds of the Antichrist (detail) 3
Signorelli Luca\Sermon and Deeds of the Antichrist (detail) 4
Signorelli Luca\Sermon and Deeds of the Antichrist
Signorelli Luca\The Angel Arrives in Purgatory
Signorelli Luca\The Damned (detail) 1
Signorelli Luca\The Damned (detail) 2
Signorelli Luca\The Damned (detail) 3
Signorelli Luca\The Damned (detail) 4
Signorelli Luca\The Damned (detail) 5
Signorelli Luca\The Damned (detail) 6
Signorelli Luca\The Damned Being Plunged into Hell (detail) 1
Signorelli Luca\The Damned Being Plunged into Hell (detail) 2
Signorelli Luca\The Damned Being Plunged into Hell
Signorelli Luca\The Damned
Signorelli Luca\The Elect (detail) 1
Signorelli Luca\The Elect (detail) 2
Signorelli Luca\The Elect Being Called to Paradise
Signorelli Luca\The Elect
Signorelli Luca\The Scourging of Christ
Signorelli Luca\The Trinity the Virgin and Two Saints
Signorelli Luca\The Virgins
Signorelli Luca\Virgil
Signorini Giuseppe\A North African Fruit Vendor
Signorini Giuseppe\In the Harem
Signorini Giuseppe\The Startled Arab
Silva Francis\After the Equinotial off Sandy Hook
Silva Francis\Barnegat Bay New Jersey
Silva Francis\Dusk on the Hudson
Silva Francis\Evening in Gloucester Harbor
Silva Francis\Kingston Point Hudson River
Silva Francis\Off Newport Rhode Island
Silva Francis\Point Judith Rhode Island
Silva Francis\Sailing into the Sunset
Silva Francis\Seabright from Galilee
Silva Francis\Sunrise - Marine View
Simoni Gustavo\A Street In Biskra Algeria
Simoni Gustavo\An Arab Soldier
Simoni Gustavo\The Musicians
Simonsen Niels\A Meeting Of Generals
Simonsen Niels\Arabs In A Hilltop Fort
Simonsen Niels\The Last Stand
Simonsen Niels\The Pirates' Attack
Sisley Alfred\A Bend in the Loing Sunlight
Sisley Alfred\A Cardiff Shipping Lane
Sisley Alfred\A Corner of the Roches-Courtaut Woods June
Sisley Alfred\A May Morning in Moret
Sisley Alfred\A Road in Seine-et-Marne
Sisley Alfred\A Small Street in Louveciennes
Sisley Alfred\A Village Street in Winter
Sisley Alfred\Abandoned Cottage
Sisley Alfred\Abandoned House 1
Sisley Alfred\Abandoned House 2
Sisley Alfred\Abandoned House 3
Sisley Alfred\Among the Vines
Sisley Alfred\An Autumn Evening near Paris
Sisley Alfred\An Old Cottage at Sablons
Sisley Alfred\Apple Trees in Flower Spring Morning
Sisley Alfred\Approach to the Railway Station
Sisley Alfred\At Moret-sur-Loing
Sisley Alfred\August Afternoon near Veneux
Sisley Alfred\Autumn - Banks of the Seine near Bougival
Sisley Alfred\Autumn at Louveciennes 1
Sisley Alfred\Autumn at Louveciennes 2
Sisley Alfred\Avenue of Chestnut Trees near La Celle-Saint-Cloud 1
Sisley Alfred\Avenue of Chestnut Trees near La Celle-Saint-Cloud 2
Sisley Alfred\Banks of the Loing 1
Sisley Alfred\Banks of the Loing 2
Sisley Alfred\Banks of the Loing at Moret Morning
Sisley Alfred\Banks of the Loing at Saint-Mammes 1
Sisley Alfred\Banks of the Loing at Saint-Mammes 2
Sisley Alfred\Banks of the Loing at Saint-Mammes 3
Sisley Alfred\Banks of the Loing towards Moret
Sisley Alfred\Banks of the Loing Autumn
Sisley Alfred\Banks of the Orvanne
Sisley Alfred\Banks of the Seine at Bougival
Sisley Alfred\Banks of the Seine Wind Blowing
Sisley Alfred\Barge Garage at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Barges on the Loing at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Barges on the Loing Canal Spring
Sisley Alfred\Between Veneux and By - December Morning
Sisley Alfred\Boat in the Flood at Port-Marly
Sisley Alfred\Boatyard at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Bougival 1
Sisley Alfred\Bougival 2
Sisley Alfred\Boulevard Heloise Argenteuil
Sisley Alfred\Bouquet of Flowers
Sisley Alfred\Bridge at Hampton Court
Sisley Alfred\Bridge over the Orvanne near Moret
Sisley Alfred\Bristol Channel from Penarth Evening
Sisley Alfred\By the River Loing 1
Sisley Alfred\By the River Loing 2
Sisley Alfred\By the River
Sisley Alfred\Cabins along the Loing Canal Sunlight Effect
Sisley Alfred\Cabins by the River Loing Morning
Sisley Alfred\Chemin de la Machine Louveciennes
Sisley Alfred\Chestnut Tree at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Confluence of the Seine and the Loing
Sisley Alfred\Construction Site at Matrat Moret-sur-Loing
Sisley Alfred\Construction Site at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Countryside near Moret
Sisley Alfred\Courtyard at Les Sablons
Sisley Alfred\Courtyard of a Farm at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Cows by the Seine at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Early Snow at Louveciennes
Sisley Alfred\Edge of Fountainbleau Forest - June Morning
Sisley Alfred\Edge of the Forest in Spring Evening
Sisley Alfred\Edge of the Fountainbleau Forest - Morning
Sisley Alfred\Factory in the Flood Bougival
Sisley Alfred\February Morning at Moret-sur-Loing
Sisley Alfred\Ferry to the Ile-de-la-Loge Flood
Sisley Alfred\Fields around the Forest
Sisley Alfred\Flood at Port-Marly 1
Sisley Alfred\Flood at Port-Marly 2
Sisley Alfred\Flood at Port-Marly 3
Sisley Alfred\Flood at Port-Marly 4
Sisley Alfred\Flood at Port-Marly 5
Sisley Alfred\Flooding at Moret
Sisley Alfred\Foggy Morning Voisins
Sisley Alfred\Footbridge at Argenteuil
Sisley Alfred\Footbridge over the Railroad at Sevres
Sisley Alfred\Fourteenth of July at Marly-le-Roi
Sisley Alfred\Garden Path in Louveciennes
Sisley Alfred\Goose Girl
Sisley Alfred\High Waters at Moret-sur-Loing
Sisley Alfred\Horses being Watered at Marly-le-Roi
Sisley Alfred\Idle Barges on the Loing Canal at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Inn at East Molesey with Hampton Court Bridge
Sisley Alfred\Kitchen Garden at Louveciennes
Sisley Alfred\L'Etang de Chevreuil
Sisley Alfred\Lady's Cove - Langland Bay Morning
Sisley Alfred\Lady's Cove before the Storm
Sisley Alfred\Landscape - The Banks of the Loing at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Landscape at Sevres
Sisley Alfred\Lane near a Small Town
Sisley Alfred\Lane of Poplars at Moret Cloudy Morning
Sisley Alfred\Lane of Poplars at Moret
Sisley Alfred\Lane of Poplars on the Banks of the Loing
Sisley Alfred\Langland Bay England Morning
Sisley Alfred\Langland Bay Storr's Rock Morning
Sisley Alfred\Laundry Houses at Bougival
Sisley Alfred\Loing Canal at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Loing Dam at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Matrat Cottages
Sisley Alfred\Matratat's Boatyard Moret-sur-Loing
Sisley Alfred\Meadow
Sisley Alfred\Molesey Weir - Morning
Sisley Alfred\Moret View from the Loing May Afternoon
Sisley Alfred\Moret-sur-Loing 1
Sisley Alfred\Moret-sur-Loing 2
Sisley Alfred\Moret-sur-Loing 3
Sisley Alfred\Moret-sur-Loing 4
Sisley Alfred\Moret-sur-Loing Morning
Sisley Alfred\Moret-sur-Loing Rainy Weather
Sisley Alfred\Morning Sun Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Near Moret
Sisley Alfred\Near the Bank of the Seine at By
Sisley Alfred\Neighborhood Street in Louveciennes
Sisley Alfred\On the Cliffs Langland Bay
Sisley Alfred\On the Road from Moret
Sisley Alfred\Orchard in Spring - By
Sisley Alfred\Orchard in Spring
Sisley Alfred\Pasture by the Seine
Sisley Alfred\Path along the Loing Canal
Sisley Alfred\Path at Sablons
Sisley Alfred\Path in the Country
Sisley Alfred\Plum and Walnut Trees in Spring
Sisley Alfred\Porte de Bourgogne from Across the Bridge
Sisley Alfred\Promenade of Chestnut Trees
Sisley Alfred\Provencher's Mill at Moret
Sisley Alfred\Railroad Embankment at Sevres
Sisley Alfred\Regatta at Hampton Court
Sisley Alfred\Regatta at Molesey
Sisley Alfred\Rising Path
Sisley Alfred\Riverbank at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Riverbank at Veneux
Sisley Alfred\Riverbanks at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\Road from Saint-Germain to Marly
Sisley Alfred\Road from Veneux to Moret on a Spring Day
Sisley Alfred\Road under Snow Louveciennes
Sisley Alfred\Rowers
Sisley Alfred\Rue de la Princesse Louveciennes
Sisley Alfred\Rue de la Tannerie Moret
Sisley Alfred\Rural Guardsman in the Fountainbleau Forest
Sisley Alfred\Saint-Cloud Banks of the Seine
Sisley Alfred\Saint-Mammes - Evening
Sisley Alfred\Saint-Mammes - House on the Canal du Loing
Sisley Alfred\Saint-Mammes 1
Sisley Alfred\Saint-Mammes 2
Sisley Alfred\Saint-Mammes and the Banks of the Loing 1
Sisley Alfred\Saint-Mammes and the Banks of the Loing 2
Sisley Alfred\Saint-Mammes Dam 1
Sisley Alfred\Saint-Mammes Dam 2
Sisley Alfred\Sand Heaps
Sisley Alfred\Sand on the Quayside Port-Marly
Sisley Alfred\Sentier de la Mi-Cote Louveciennes
Sisley Alfred\Setting Sun at Moret
Sisley Alfred\Small Boats
Sisley Alfred\Small Meadow in Spring
Sisley Alfred\Snow at Louveciennes 1
Sisley Alfred\Snow at Louveciennes 2
Sisley Alfred\Snow at Louveciennes 3
Sisley Alfred\Snow at Louveciennes 4
Sisley Alfred\Snow at Marly-le-Roi
Sisley Alfred\Snow Effect at Moret
Sisley Alfred\Snow Effect at Veneux 1
Sisley Alfred\Snow Effect at Veneux 2
Sisley Alfred\Snow on the Road Louveciennes (Chemin de la Machine)
Sisley Alfred\Snow Scene - Moret Station
Sisley Alfred\Snowy Weather at Veneux-Nadon
Sisley Alfred\Spring at Veneux
Sisley Alfred\Spring in Bougival
Sisley Alfred\Springtime Landscape
Sisley Alfred\Square in Argenteuil (Rue de la Chaussee)
Sisley Alfred\Station at Sevres
Sisley Alfred\Still Life - Apples and Grapes
Sisley Alfred\Street Entering the Village
Sisley Alfred\Street in Louveciennes
Sisley Alfred\Street in Veneux
Sisley Alfred\Street Scene in Marly
Sisley Alfred\Summer at Bougival
Sisley Alfred\Sunny Afternoon - Willows by the Loing
Sisley Alfred\Sunset at Port-Marly
Sisley Alfred\The Aqueduct at Marly
Sisley Alfred\The Barge Port and Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\The Blocked Seine at Port-Marly
Sisley Alfred\The Bourgogne Lock at Moret Spring
Sisley Alfred\The Bridge at Saint-Cloud
Sisley Alfred\The Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne
Sisley Alfred\The Canal at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\The Chemin de By through St. Martin's Summer
Sisley Alfred\The Church at Moret in the Morning Sun
Sisley Alfred\The Church at Moret Afternoon
Sisley Alfred\The Church at Moret Icy Weather
Sisley Alfred\The Church at Moret Rainy Morning
Sisley Alfred\The Church at Moret
Sisley Alfred\The Dam on the Loing - Barges
Sisley Alfred\The Dam Loing Canal at Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\The Effect of Snow at Argenteuil
Sisley Alfred\The Effect of Snow at Veneux
Sisley Alfred\The English Coast Penarth
Sisley Alfred\The First Hoarfrost
Sisley Alfred\The Flood on the Road to Saint-Germain
Sisley Alfred\The Garden under the Snow
Sisley Alfred\The Heron
Sisley Alfred\The Hill Path Ville d'Avray
Sisley Alfred\The Hills of Veneux Seen from Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\The Laundry
Sisley Alfred\The Lesson
Sisley Alfred\The Loing at High Water
Sisley Alfred\The Loing at Moret the Laundry Boat
Sisley Alfred\The Loing at Moret
Sisley Alfred\The Loing at Saint-Mammes 1
Sisley Alfred\The Loing at Saint-Mammes 2
Sisley Alfred\The Loing at Saint-Mammes 3
Sisley Alfred\The Loing at Saint-Mammes 4
Sisley Alfred\The Loing at Saint-Mammes 5
Sisley Alfred\The Loing Canal 1
Sisley Alfred\The Loing Canal 2
Sisley Alfred\The Loing Canal 3
Sisley Alfred\The Loing Canal at Moret
Sisley Alfred\The Loing Flowing under the Moret Bridge
Sisley Alfred\The Machine at Marly
Sisley Alfred\The Marly Machine and the Dam
Sisley Alfred\The Mills of Moret Sunrise
Sisley Alfred\The Moret Bridge 1
Sisley Alfred\The Moret Bridge 2
Sisley Alfred\The Moret Bridge and Mills under Snow
Sisley Alfred\The Moret Bridge at Sunset
Sisley Alfred\The Moret Bridge in the Sunlight
Sisley Alfred\The Path from Saint-Mammes Morning
Sisley Alfred\The Path from Veneux to Thomery along the Water Evening
Sisley Alfred\The Plain of Thomery and the Village of Champagne
Sisley Alfred\The Plain of Veneux View of Sablons
Sisley Alfred\The Road from Gennevilliers
Sisley Alfred\The Road from Hampton Court 1
Sisley Alfred\The Road from Hampton Court 2
Sisley Alfred\The Road from Mantes to Choisy-le-Roi
Sisley Alfred\The Road from Prunay to Bougival
Sisley Alfred\The Roches-Courtaut Wood near By
Sisley Alfred\The Seine at Bougival 1
Sisley Alfred\The Seine at Bougival 2
Sisley Alfred\The Seine at Bougival 3
Sisley Alfred\The Seine at Bougival 4
Sisley Alfred\The Seine at Bougival 5
Sisley Alfred\The Seine at Daybreak
Sisley Alfred\The Seine at Grenelle - Rainy Weather
Sisley Alfred\The Seine at Grenelle
Sisley Alfred\The Seine at Saint-Cloud
Sisley Alfred\The Seine near Saint-Cloud High Water
Sisley Alfred\The Seine View from the Quay de Pont du Jour
Sisley Alfred\The Sevres Bridge 1
Sisley Alfred\The Sevres Bridge 2
Sisley Alfred\The Sevres Bridge 3
Sisley Alfred\The Station at Sevres
Sisley Alfred\The Thames with Hampton Court
Sisley Alfred\The Tugboat
Sisley Alfred\The Village of Moret Seen from the Fields
Sisley Alfred\The Watering Place at Marly
Sisley Alfred\Two Women Walking along the Riverbank
Sisley Alfred\Under the Bridge at Hampton Court
Sisley Alfred\View of Marly-le-Roi from House at Coeur-Colant
Sisley Alfred\View of Marly-le-Roi
Sisley Alfred\View of Montmartre from the Cite des Fleurs
Sisley Alfred\View of Moret-sur-Loing through the Trees
Sisley Alfred\View of Saint-Mammes
Sisley Alfred\View of the Canal St. Martin
Sisley Alfred\Village of Champagne at Sunset - April
Sisley Alfred\Village Street - Grey Weather
Sisley Alfred\Village Street - Louveciennes
Sisley Alfred\Village Street in Marlotte
Sisley Alfred\Villeneuve-la-Garenne
Sisley Alfred\Walnut Trees Sunset - Early Days of October
Sisley Alfred\Washerwomen
Sisley Alfred\Willows on the Banks of the Orvanne
Sisley Alfred\Windy Day at Veneux
Sisley Alfred\Winter Landscape Moret
Sisley Alfred\Winter Morning - Veneux
Sisley Alfred\Winter Sun Moret
Sittow Michel\Coronation of the Virgin
Sittow Michel\Piet
Sittow Michel\Portrait of a Man
Smith Carlton Alfred\Blowing Bubbles 1
Smith Carlton Alfred\Blowing Bubbles 2
Smith Carlton Alfred\Dolly's Portrait
Smith Carlton Alfred\Getting Ready
Smith Carlton Alfred\In The Corner
Smith Carlton Alfred\Just Engaged
Snyders Frans\Concert of Birds 1
Snyders Frans\Concert of Birds 2
Snyders Frans\Cook with Food
Snyders Frans\Fish Shop
Snyders Frans\Fishmonger 1
Snyders Frans\Fishmonger 2
Snyders Frans\Fruit and Vegetable Stall (detail)
Snyders Frans\Fruit and Vegetable Stall
Snyders Frans\Greyhound Catching a Young Wild Boar
Snyders Frans\Return from the Hunt
Snyders Frans\Still Life with Dead Game Fruits and Vegetables in a Marke
Snyders Frans\Still-Life 1
Snyders Frans\Still-Life 2
Snyders Frans\Still-life with a Basket of Fruit
Snyders Frans\Still-life with Crab and Fruit
Snyders Frans\The Fruit Basket
Snyders Frans\The Pantry
Snyders Frans\Vegetable Still-Life
Snyders Frans\Wild Boar Hunt
Sodoma\Allegory of Celestial Love
Sodoma\Flagellation of Christ
Sodoma\St. Benedict & his Monks Eating in the Refectory
Sodoma\St. George and the Dragon
Sodoma\St. Sebastian
Sodoma\The Death of Lucretia
Sodoma\The Mystic Marriage of St Catherine
Sodoma\The Rape of the Sabine Women
Sodoma\The Road to Calvary
Solari Andrea\Charles d'Amboise
Solari Andrea\Ecce Homo
Solari Andrea\Man with a Pink Carnation
Solari Andrea\Portrait of a Man
Solari Andrea\The Lute Player
Solimena Francesco\Allegory of Reign
Solimena Francesco\Dido Receiveng Aeneas and Cupid Disguised as Ascanius
Solimena Francesco\Expxulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple
Solimena Francesco\Judith with the Head of Holofernes
Solimena Francesco\Rebecca and Eleazer
Solimena Francesco\Rebecca at the Well
Solimena Francesco\Saint Cajetan Appeasing Divine Anger
Solimena Francesco\St Bonaventura Receiving the Banner of St Sepulchre from the
Solimena Francesco\The Martyrdom of Sts Placidus and Flavia
Solimena Francesco\The Massacre of the Giustiniani at Chios
Solimena Francesco\The Trinity the Madonna and St Dominic
Solomon Abraham\A Portrait Of Two Girls With Their Governess
Solomon Abraham\Doubtful Fortune
Solomon Abraham\First Class - The Return
Solomon Abraham\Second Class - The Parting
Solomon Abraham\The Acolyte
Solomon Abraham\The Bashful Lover
Solomon Abraham\The Lion In Love
Solomon Abraham\The Sixth Age
Solomon Abraham\The Vicar of Wakefield
Solomon Simeon\A Rabbi Holding The Torah
Solomon Simeon\Babylon hath been a golden cup
Solomon Simeon\Bacchus
Solomon Simeon\Shadrach Meschach and Abednego
Solomon Solomon Joseph\Ajax and Cassandra
Solomon Solomon Joseph\Autumn
Solomon Solomon Joseph\Byzantium
Solomon Solomon Joseph\Portrait of a Lady
Solomon Solomon Joseph\Reverie
Solomon Solomon Joseph\St. George
Sonntag William Louis\Autumn Landscape
Sonntag William Louis\Fishermen in the Adirondacks Hudson River
Sonntag William Louis\Mountain Landscape New York State
Sorbi Raffaello\A Game of Morra
Sorbi Raffaello\An Outdoor Cafe
Sorbi Raffaello\La Ripresa del Barberi
Sorbi Raffaello\The Departure of the Hunting Party
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\A Rooftop with Flowers
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Afternoon Sun
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\An Arab Examining a Pistol
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Another Marguerite
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Arrival of the Boats
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Baccante
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Beach at Valencia
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Beaching the Boat
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Before Bathing
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Casa de Huerta Valencia
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Children on the Beach
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Children on the Sea-shore
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Childs Siesta
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Clotilde Seated on the Sofa
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Court of the Dances Alczar Sevilla
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Escena Valenciana
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Fisherman Taking Up the Nets
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Gardens of the Alcazar (Sevilla)
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Going for a Swim Valencia
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Hall of the Ambassadors Alhambra Granada
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Head of a Italian Girl
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\In the Rowing Boat
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Kissing the Relic
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\La Nina Curiosa
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Leaving the Bath
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Maria con Sombrero
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Maria en La Granja
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Maria Watching the Fish Granja
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Maria
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Ninos en el Mar
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Ninos en la Playa (Valencia)
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\On the Beach Valencia
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\On the Sand Valencia Beach
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Packing Raisins (Javea)
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Palm Grove
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Peeling Potatoes
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Pescadora Valenciana
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Portrait of a Gentleman
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Portrait of Basil Mundy
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Portrait of Don Aureliano de Beruete
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Portrait of King Alfonso XIII in a Hussar's Uniform
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Portrait of Mr. Taft President of the United States
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Portrait of the Laywer Don Silverio de la Torre y Eguia
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Rocks at Javea
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Sad Inheritance
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Sailing Vessels on a Breezy Day Valencia
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Sewing the Sail
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Stemming Raisins Javea
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\The Beach at Biarritz
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\The Horse's Bath
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\The Milkmaid
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\The Pink Robe
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\The Tuna Catch - Ayamonte
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\The Two Sisters
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\The White Boat
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\The Wounded Foot
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\They Still Say that Fish is Expensive!
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Three Boats By A Shore
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Two Men On A Deck
Sorolla-Bastida Joaquin\Valencian Fisherman
Soulacroix Frdric\After the Concert
Soulacroix Frdric\Afternoon Tea
Soulacroix Frdric\Confidences
Soulacroix Frdric\Flirtation
Soulacroix Frdric\La Sortie
Soulacroix Frdric\Spring
Soulacroix Frdric\The Afternoon Visitor
Soulacroix Frdric\The Cavalier's Kiss
Soulacroix Frdric\The Marriage Proposal
Soulacroix Frdric\The Pearl Necklace
Soulacroix Frdric\The Pet Parrot
Soulacroix Frdric\The Tea Party
Soulacroix Frdric\The Three Connoisseurs
Soulacroix Frdric\Vanitas
Spencelayh Charles\A Good Tonic
Spencelayh Charles\A Young Girl And Her Dog
Spencelayh Charles\Delightful with Sauce
Spencelayh Charles\Forty Winks
Spencelayh Charles\Kitty Spencelayh
Spencelayh Charles\Our Local Museum
Spencelayh Charles\Patience
Spencelayh Charles\The Cause Of All The Trouble
Spencelayh Charles\The Punishment
Spinello Aretino\Feast of Herod
Spinello Aretino\Pope Alexander III Receives an Ambassador
Spinello Aretino\St Michael Giving the Flag to St Ephisius
Spinello Aretino\Stories from the Legend of St Benedict
Spinello Aretino\The Four Evangelists
Spitzweg Carl\Orientale Im Bazaar
Spitzweg Carl\Swabian Girls at a Garden Fence
Spitzweg Carl\The Bookworm
Spitzweg Carl\The Botanist
Spohler Jan Jacob Coenraad\A Summer's Day at the Ferry Crossing
Spohler Jan Jacob Coenraad\A Winter Landscape
Spohler Jan Jacob Coenraad\Figures on a Bridge in a Dutch Town
Spohler Jan Jacob Coenraad\Skaters on a Frozen River
Spohler Jan Jacob Coenraad\The Ferry
Spohler Jan Jacob Coenraad\Winter Ice Skating
Spohler Jan Jacob Coenraad\Winter Landscape with Figures on a Frozen River
Spranger Bartholomaeus\Hermes and Athena
Spranger Bartholomaeus\Venus and Adonis
Spranger Bartholomaeus\Venus and Vulcan
Spranger Bartholomaeus\Vulcan and Maia
Springer Cornelis\Along The Canal
Springer Cornelis\Figures In A Street In Delft
Springer Cornelis\Street Scene
Stanzione Massimo\Beheading of St John the Baptist
Stanzione Massimo\Cleopatra
Stanzione Massimo\Piet
Steen Jan\A Burgher of Delft and His Daughter
Steen Jan\A Merry Party (detail) 1
Steen Jan\A Merry Party (detail) 2
Steen Jan\A Merry Party
Steen Jan\A Village Revel
Steen Jan\A Village Wedding
Steen Jan\Action Proves the Man
Steen Jan\Amnon and Tamar
Steen Jan\Arrival of a Visitor
Steen Jan\Bathsheba Receiving David's Letter
Steen Jan\Celebrating the Birth
Steen Jan\Couple in a Bedroom
Steen Jan\Doctor's Visit
Steen Jan\Easy Come Easy Go
Steen Jan\Geertrudy Gael
Steen Jan\Gerrit Gerritsz Schouten
Steen Jan\Girl Offering Oysters
Steen Jan\In the Tavern
Steen Jan\Interior Of A Tavern
Steen Jan\Leaving the Tavern
Steen Jan\Love Sickness
Steen Jan\Merry Company on a Terrace
Steen Jan\Merry Couple
Steen Jan\Nocturnal Serenade
Steen Jan\Peasants before an Inn
Steen Jan\Prayer before the Meal 1
Steen Jan\Prayer before the Meal 2
Steen Jan\Rhetoricians at a Window
Steen Jan\Samson and Delilah 1
Steen Jan\Samson and Delilah 2
Steen Jan\Self Portrait
Steen Jan\Self-Portrait as a Lutenist
Steen Jan\Skittle Players Outside an Inn
Steen Jan\Supper at Emmaus
Steen Jan\The Artist's Family (detail)
Steen Jan\The Artist's Family
Steen Jan\The Bean Feast
Steen Jan\The Cardplayers
Steen Jan\The Christening
Steen Jan\The Dancing Couple
Steen Jan\The Doctor and His Patient
Steen Jan\The Drawing Lesson
Steen Jan\The Drinker
Steen Jan\The Droll Farm
Steen Jan\The Effects of Intemperance
Steen Jan\The Fat Kitchen
Steen Jan\The Feast of St. Nicholas
Steen Jan\The Garden Party
Steen Jan\The Harpsichord Lesson
Steen Jan\The Lean Kitchen
Steen Jan\The Leiden Baner Arend Oosterwaert and His Wife
Steen Jan\The Life of Man
Steen Jan\The Little Alms Collector
Steen Jan\The Marriage
Steen Jan\The Merry Threesom
Steen Jan\The Morning Toilet 1
Steen Jan\The Morning Toilet 2
Steen Jan\The Picnic
Steen Jan\The Poultry Yard
Steen Jan\The Quackdoctor
Steen Jan\The Return of the Prodigal Son
Steen Jan\The Rhetoricians
Steen Jan\The Severe Teacher
Steen Jan\The Village School
Steen Jan\The Wedding Feast at Cana
Steen Jan\The Wedding of Tobias and Sarah
Steen Jan\The Worship of the Golden Calf
Steen Jan\The Wrath of Ahasuerus
Steen Jan\Twelfth Night
Steen Jan\Village Festival with the Ship of Saint Rijn Uijt
Steen Jan\Wine is a Mocker
Steen Jan\Winter Landscape
Stein Georges\A Flower Market Along the Seine
Stein Georges\A Street Scene in Bern
Stein Georges\A view of Big Ben London
Stein Georges\A view of the Opera House Paris
Stein Georges\Evening on a Parisian Boulevard
Stevens Alfred\A Woman Seated in Oriental Dress
Stevens Alfred\Afternoon in the Park
Stevens Alfred\Cupid and Hymen
Stevens Alfred\Femme Elegante Voyant Filer Un Vapeur
Stevens Alfred\In the Country
Stevens Alfred\India in Paris - The Exotic Curio
Stevens Alfred\La Doloureuse Certitude
Stevens Alfred\La Fillette au Canard
Stevens Alfred\Lady with a Harp
Stevens Alfred\Lady with a Japanese Doll
Stevens Alfred\Lovelorn
Stevens Alfred\On a Stroll
Stevens Alfred\Portrait of a Woman in Blue
Stevens Alfred\Portrait of a Woman in White
Stevens Alfred\Portrait of a Woman
Stevens Alfred\Portrait of a Young Woman
Stevens Alfred\Preparing For The Ball
Stevens Alfred\Quai Aux Fleurs
Stevens Alfred\Ready for the Ball
Stevens Alfred\The Baroness von Munchhausen
Stevens Alfred\The Bath
Stevens Alfred\The Farewell Note
Stevens Alfred\The Glass Ball
Stevens Alfred\The Japanese Mask (Intrigue)
Stevens Alfred\The Knitter
Stevens Alfred\The Lady with the Fan
Stevens Alfred\The Love Letter
Stevens Alfred\What is called Vagrancy
Stevens Alfred\Woman Wearing a Bracelet
Stom Matthias\Samson and Delilah
Stom Matthias\St Ambrose
Stom Matthias\St Gregory
Stone Marcus\In Love 1
Stone Marcus\In Love 2
Stone Marcus\The Awakening
Stone Marcus\The Royal Nursery 1538
Stone Marcus\Two Lovers
Stoskopff Sbastien\Large Still-Life
Stoskopff Sbastien\Still-Life of Glasses in a Basket
Stoskopff Sbastien\Still-Life with Glasses and Bottles
Stoskopff Sbastien\Still-Life with Statuette and Shells
Stoskopff Sbastien\Summer or the Five Senses
Stoskopff Sbastien\The Great Vanity Still-life
Strigel Bernhard\Holy Family
Strigel Bernhard\Portrait of Conrad Rehlinger and his Children
Strigel Bernhard\Portrait of Sybilla von Freyberg
Strigel Bernhard\St Ladislas Presents Wladislav II and his Sons to the Virgin
Strozzi Bernardo\A Personification of Fame
Strozzi Bernardo\Adoration of the Shepherds
Strozzi Bernardo\Allegory of Arts
Strozzi Bernardo\Banquet at the House of Simon
Strozzi Bernardo\Berenice
Strozzi Bernardo\Christ and the Samaritan Woman
Strozzi Bernardo\David with the Head of Goliath
Strozzi Bernardo\Gamba Player
Strozzi Bernardo\Joseph Telling his Dreams
Strozzi Bernardo\Lamentation over the Dead Christ
Strozzi Bernardo\Lute Player
Strozzi Bernardo\Madonna and Child with the Young St John
Strozzi Bernardo\Old Woman at the Mirror
Strozzi Bernardo\Prophet Elijah and the Widow of Sarepta
Strozzi Bernardo\Sleeping Child
Strozzi Bernardo\St Augustine Washing the Feet of Christ
Strozzi Bernardo\St Cecilia
Strozzi Bernardo\St John the Baptist
Strozzi Bernardo\St Maurice and the Angel
Strozzi Bernardo\St Veronica
Strozzi Bernardo\The Annunciation
Strozzi Bernardo\The Charity of St Lawrence 1
Strozzi Bernardo\The Charity of St Lawrence 2
Strozzi Bernardo\The Cook
Strozzi Bernardo\The Miracle of St Diego of Alcantara
Strozzi Bernardo\Tribute Money
Stubbs George\A Grey Stallion In A Landscape
Stubbs George\Haymaking
Stubbs George\The Milbanke and Melbourne Families
Stubbs George\Whistlejacket
Stubbs George\William Anderson with Two Saddle-horses
Stuck Franz\Innocence
Stuck Franz\Portrait of a Lady
Stuck Franz\Ring-A-Ring-Of-Roses
Stuck Franz\Sin
Subleyras Pierre\Charon Ferrying the Shades
Subleyras Pierre\Don Cesare Benvenuti
Subleyras Pierre\Mass of St Basil
Subleyras Pierre\Portrait of a Man
Subleyras Pierre\St Ambrose Converting Theodosius
Subleyras Pierre\The Marriage of St Catherine
Subleyras Pierre\The Studio of the Painter
Sully Thomas\Daniel de la Motte
Sully Thomas\Lady on the Battlements of a Castle
Sully Thomas\Mrs Fitzgerald and her Daughter Matilda
Sully Thomas\Portrait of Robert Fielding Stockton
Sully Thomas\Portrait of the Howell Boys
Sweerts Michiel\Self-Portrait
Sweerts Michiel\The Drawing Class
Sweerts Michiel\Young Man and the Procuress