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Dog painting and Cat painting

We can paint pet painting portrait from photos, like dog paintings and Cat paintings on canvas. And we supply handpainted classical oil painting reproduction in high quality and museum quality.
and Cat:
Thanks for viewing the pet portrait art channel of Sinoorigin Art. We have professional pet portrait artist to paint for your best friends--dog and cat.
An impressive pet painting in high quality or painting in museum quality will be a nice decoration for your home. It is also a sweet gift and memory to the lovely pets.
Cat and dog are so cute creatures. We love their facial expression that full of intelligence and their friendly behavior to human beings. They bring us so much happiness. They make our life more rich and colorful. Pets are our sonny. They love us and need us to love them too.
The pet painting touches and brushworks will bring you a tenderhearted feeling for the cute dog and cat.
We can paint the pet portrait painting with impressive quality. The being loved dog or cat will be portrayed by your requirement. We can change the background by your choice.

Dog painting: