We can supply original oil painting works, reproduction of famous painting, custom-made painting of portrait and frame. We always do our best to give our customer top quality products, competitive price, shortest delivery time and best service. We can offer 100% handmade oil paintings on canvas. They including the following subjects: Portrait oil painting, figure oil painting, nude oil painting, garden oil painting, landscape oil painting, flower oil painting, still life oil painting, modern & abstract oil painting, Venice oil painting, animals oil painting, street scenes oil painting, seascape oil painting, cityscape oil painting, oil paintings from photographs, etc.
You can order all oil paintings shown in our website. When you're satisfied with some pictures, you can note down the series numbers and inform us by email, also the specification and purchasing amount. Or please email your own pictures to us, then we will paint that based on your need.
Once receiving our reply, please telegraph payment for goods as well as freight to our account. If you want to order a great amount of purchase or paintings made to measure, production period is needed and will be certain according to the amount, thus contact in advance with us is necessary.
2. Purchase
Once receiving your payment notice (50% advance payment ), we'll paint for you immediately. The left 50% payment should be paid off before delivery
Once you receive your ordered commodity, please notice us through email or other means.
If you find the commodity seriously damaged, please note us by email or other means instead of accepting it. We'll soon contact the transport company and give you a satisfying answer.
We provide common oil canvas, linen as well as board. The price of linen will increase by 10% and that of board will increase by 100%.
We seriously promise that the received data, however it's of personal or order information, will be dealt with confidentially
For wholesale information, please contact with us freely.
To make sure that the products are well protected in the way of shipping, we offer different safe ways of package which are based on different kinds of products.
a. Rolled in hard paper tubes.
Such kind of package is recommended for shipping1-6 unframed oil paintings.
b. Rolled in plastic tubes.
Such kind of package is recommended for shipping 5-30 paintings without frames.
c. Package for big bundles of paintings
If you order for more than 30 unframed paintings, we would package them in the following way: paintings will be firstly packed with a thin plastic layer between each other professionally, then all rolled firmly in plastic cloth, finally rolled and bound with canvas.
d. Packaged in hard paper boxes
Such kind of package way is specially designed for the mounted and framed oil paintings. If you only want to order few paintings, we dont really recommend you to frame your paintings, as it might cause expensive shipping fee and might damage your paintings. However, those paintings with sizes below 20x24 are safe to be shipped with frames on
4. Payment term:
We accept paying by Western Union, T/T , PayPal. Please contact with us for our our exact paying information.
a. Western Union Telegraph.
Western Union Telegraph will be much faster and convenient than other payments. The money will arrive us in 5-30 minutes.
b. T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) The money will arrive in 2-7 days.
c. PayPal.
Paying by PayPal is also very convenient for both of us.
5. Transportation
We will use: UPS, DHL, FEDEX, air transport and transportation by sea and other ways and our departure place is Xiamen Port.Transportation ?
a. Send by Express Delivery
For instance: UPS, DHL, TNT and FEDEX spend 2 --7 days.The freight depends on the weight of goods and the real-time price. The freight would be low for the goods of over 20kg
b. By Chinese airmail
The time for airmail is from 7 days to 15 days.
c. By transportation by sea
the price is calculated according to the cube The first volume and price are 1 cubic meter and 205$. Adding 1 cubic meter progressively, the price increases 70$. The time for it is from 15 days to 30 days.
For more information about our company, please contact with us.