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Da Vinci and Mona Lisa

Every day in the Musée du Louvre of Paris, there are thousands of people from all over the world stand to appreciate the oil painting Mona Lisa of Da Vinci .
The eternal smile in Mona Lisa’s face was amazing and touching souls, it was named the greatest oil painting in the world. People even doubt if the amazing smile was came from a real artist of human beings. It was almost a painting work from god.
Mona Lisa is the most expensive oil painting portrait in the world, and it is the most famous oil painting in art history. During the last centuries, many scholars and artists studied and explained the oil painting by countless topics. But nobody could say that he had got the exact meaning of the secrete smile.
The eternal smile is a symbol of the humanism. The artist was trying to praise the beautiful humanism. The oil painting was a paean to life vitality.
For sure, in different people’s mind, the smile in the oil painting has different meaning.
We can’t even believe that as one of the greatest artists of Renaissance Da Vinci spent 4 years to finish this oil painting. Da Vinci found some distinguishing character of Mona Lisa
It was said that in the beginning, Da Vinci didn’t think that Mona Lisa was very beautiful. But her smile was always unique with her own style. And her hands were gentle and soft, almost being perfect. During the painting process, Mona Lisa enjoyed many interesting stories and nice music. Da Vinci did hits utmost about the oil painting portrait. Mona Lisa’s beautiful facial expression was fixed on the oil painting canvas. When Da Vinci finished the oil painting portrait, many people came over to appreciate the oil painting. The painting even attracted many painting artists. “she is taking breath…”;”she is smiling out…”
In Mona Lisa Da Vinci adapted the painting method of light and shade. He created three-dimensional effect in the plain oil painting canvas, That was Da Vinci’s most unique art language. By his genius and art talent, he depicted Mona Lisa in a peaceful manner, but her heart hided a big world. Her smile was gentle and graceful. She had a broad spiritual space. Da Vinci sought the noble art qualities in a whole life. For him only, he could only being satisfied of himself in art creation. No doubt, he was a great person that pushed the history development.
Da Vinci was the most considerable artist. In his oil paintings, each line, each spot of painting color were painted on canvas after a long consideration. He thought about his target and direction in art, and trying to find new painting methods and possibilities.
Da Vinci spent 4 years on his oil painting Mona Lisa. After several centuries test and examine, this portrait painting hand became the most famous painting art in the world.
Mona Lisa is a miracle oil painting in art history. Da Vinci encouraged artists and art lovers to seek the art morality and the truth in life forever.

Mona lisa
Mona lisa


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